Unlimited earnings
Dedicated support
No boarding fees
24-hour set-up
Only 18%
The exclusive platform developed with all the tools you need to succeed

More options and less fees than other platforms

Perfect for Models, Entertainers and Influencers who want an independent, Premium Social Media Feed to connect with their fans, expand their brand and grow their income.

The ProjectModel Platform is not a multi-model, one-size-fits-all system that you have to squeeze yourself into We give you all the options you need to configure the platform the way it works best for you.

We customize your site to fit your style, colors, logo and distinct personality. You're not a cookie cutter model - your site shouldn't be either.

Registration or Subscription
More ways to earn. Charge your users to subscribe to your content or let them register for free with upsells.
Subscriber Tags
Easily identify and message your subscribers by adding tags, keywords and nicknames to their profiles.
Locked Post Support
Earn more by offering specialty content for an additional price. Users can unlock specific posts with a simple click.
User Activity Suite
Follow your user's activities with an intuitive tracking system that lets you view every possible user action.
Dynamic Messages
DM specific users to send out mass messages. You can even include pay-per-view content in DMs
Real-Time Earnings Reports
From subscriptions to tips and more, ProjectModel gives you an up to the minute view of every dollar earned.
Schedule Posts & DMs
Quickly and easily schedule posts and DMs for later dates including Premium Photos, Videos and locked content.
Custom Menu Support
Add external menu links to your shop, social media pages or other important brand destinations.

What Makes ProjectModel Different?

Once you've been on ProjectModel for 30 days, you'll get a Free, Professional Landing Site.

No other full featured platform gives you a free, personal landing page, but that's exactly what you get at ProjectModel. Your Custom Landing Page includes logo design, dedicated page blocks and even a lead capturing list box - Your landing page isn’t just a simple template, we hand build your site to fit YOU - not the other way around.

View the current Landing Page layouts.


Why Should You Choose ProjectModel?

With a full featured, robust admin area and a multi-device ready interface, you can moderate your subscribers and launch new content from anywhere, at any time. Tag your users for easy reference or to personalize your content - The options are limitless and the functionality is easy enough for the most inexperienced models.

No Up-Front Costs

Launch your site within a few hours with $0 up front fees. We install and maintain your platform and cover all payment processing fees and customer support inquiries for only a small percentage of your sales.

Custom landing page, logo and colors

No other full featured platform gives you the design support you get at ProjectModel. From a custom logo to site colors and even a lead capturing landing page - we build your site around YOU - not the other way around.

A multi-device, fully responsive design.

The ProjectModel Dashboard works seamlessly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Quickly navigate between content uploads and user engagement from any device without being distracted by bulky, non-responsive pages.